Для родителей

span class=»HwtZe» lang=»en»>The first days at camp are days of adjustment and frequent communication with the children will not help them but instead will distract them from the camp program. So, for their  best development of your child during camp, don’t speak or write to them how much you miss them while  in camp or give them an option to be picked up during session.Give your child the time he needs, and encourage him to make new friends, follow the camp schedule and, for any problem he faces, inform the camp officials.

Children have a full program of activities every day. If the need arises, there are payphones so they can contact you when they wish. The camp will notify you if a serious problem arises.

Visits of parents / guardians & exit permits

Set the right example for your children by respecting the visiting hours for the smooth running of the program, because camp means discipline in group life. For the safety and health of the campers, visitors are not allowed inside the campsite.Parents can see their children at the entrance, keeping the necessary distances.

Visiting hours:

  • Daily: 11:00-13:00 & 18:00-20:00

Telephone Communication hours:

  • With the children: 10:00-11:00, 12:00-13:00 & 17:30-20:00
  • With the secretary’s office: 8:30-22:00
During the common quiet hours (15:00 pm – 17:00 pm), any communication or visit to the camp is strictly prohibited.

Camper medical history

Inform the camp of any allergies, dietary habits or other special needs of your child. Your good cooperation with those in charge will help to deal with possible problems. Don’t bring sweets and food to children that can spoil and become dangerous for their health.

  • Health Card: In order to fully inform the camp about the child’s health, a Health Card signed by the doctor & the parent/guardian must be sent.
CAUTION! In case there is something important in the child’s medical history, the Health Report should be sent with the reservation, in order to be evaluated by the camp doctor.
  • The children must hand over any medicines they have with them to the doctor’s office upon their arrival at the camp. Our medical staff ensures that the child takes his medication according to your doctor’s instructions.

The camp bears no responsibility for an incident that may be caused by insufficient information regarding the child’s medical history.

Storage space

  • Children can hand over their money to their team leader for safekeeping.
  • The camp has a special storage area for valuables (money, mobiles and anything similar). In case of non-delivery of these, the camp bears no responsibility for any damage or loss thereof.

Child leaving the camp

  • In case of departure with a third person (e.g. friend, relative), the parents / guardians should provide an authorization / declaration of responsibility with the original signature, stating their name and ID number.
  • Proof of identity is required for a child’s exit/departure from the camp.
  • Upon the child’s departure from the camp, parents/guardians should have confirmed with the secretariat that there is no pending issue regarding their child’s stay.
  • In the event that a special regime applies regarding the custody of the child, it should be notified when reserving a place in the camp by sending the relevant official documents. Otherwise, the camp bears no responsibility.

The camp reserves the right to remove a camper whose behavior endangers the health and safety of himself or other children, withholding the amount that is proportionate according to the company’s financial conditions.


By communicating with their child daily, parents will only succeed in transmitting their concerns and worries which will not help their children adapt to life at the camp. Many card-telephones are available in the camp so that children can contact their parents. If children don’t telephone their parents, it probably means they don’t need to because they are enjoying themselves!

Let the camp know of any allergies, nutritional or other individual preferences your child may have. Cooperating with those in charge will help prevent or deal with any problems and lead to a good relationship between camp and parents.

We will inform you on any matter concerning your child, if we consider this to be necessary.


Cooperating with those in charge of the camp will help to prevent or deal with any problems and lead to a good relationship between us:

  • Let the camp know of nutritional or other individual preferences your child may have or if they have any allergies. All campers need to complete a health examination form in order to attend our summer program. Camper’s Personal Health Form needs to be signed by a doctor. You can find the special form here.
  • Do not give to children food and sweets that can spoil or be harmful to their health.
  • Children can give their money to the group leader or their «lieutenant» for safe custody. (In order to avoid any misunderstandings, parents should register at the Camp’s office their child’s name and the amount of money to be handed over)
  • The Camp provides a special place for safe keeping valuable items and documents. In case these are not delivered, the camp management accept no liability for their loss.