Кампер Апликација



Секој кампер задолжително треба да има пополнето образец за здраствена состојба како би учествувал во кампот, под услов управата на кампот да биде известена за важни медицински информации во случај на болест. Ве молам на што подетално пополнување на следниот образец. Ви благодариме.

Превземете образец за здраствен преглед овде. 

Образецот мора да биде пополнет од страна на доктор и доставен најмалку 15 дена пред реализација на престојот во ТА АтлантиС.

Електронска поштаcamp@kalivas.net


Upon registration (and at least 20 days before the chosen camp session begins) 40% prepayment of the total amount is due, otherwise the registration is not valid. The prepayment can be deposited in one of the bank accounts below, the beneficiary of which is “GEORGIOS A. KALIVAS S.A.”:

  • Alpha Bank: GR 68 0140 4050 4050 0200 2004 112 (BIC/SWIFT: CRBAGRAA)
  • National Bank of Greece: GR 17 0110 2160 0000 2164 7010 038 (BIC/SWIFT: ETHNGRAA)

Upon deposit, the full name of the camper must be mentioned. The receipt of deposit must be emailed to camp@kalivas.net. Please contact our office to confirm reservation.

We also accept credit cards.

  • Full payment is due at least a week before the child’s departure from camp.
  • If you wish to cancel the booking for any reason, you should notify the camp at least 10 days before the launch of the chosen camp session, in any other case the deposit will not be refunded.
  • In case of early departure: 

           1) For the 15 day program: in case of departure within the first 5 days, prepayment of 150 euros is charged. In case of departure after the first 5 days, full payment of the 15 day camp session is due.   

(Clarification: after 12:00pm full day is charged)

  • DISCOUNTS: 2 brothers & sisters 10%, large families 15%, Unemployed 15% (Demonstration of relevant documentation)

* Any failure by the Camper to adhere to the rules of the Camp, may result in his/her participation at the Camp being terminated forthwith without refund and in such event the Camper may be sent home at your expense. The camp reserves the right to withdraw the Camper from any activity at any time on the grounds of safety or unsuitability. 

Smoking, Alcohol and Drugs: Possession and consumption of alcohol, tobacco or drugs by the Campers at Camp are NOT PERMITTED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. Please note that if the camper does not adhere to this condition, he/she will be removed from Camp.