Information about our staff

Kalivas Camp, employs a large number of staff working in different fields, especially during the summer. The staff at our camp include school teachers, gym trainers and others who are involved with sports, artistic and recreational activities and are suitably qualified for the personal supervision and safety of the children.

Our Staff are selected and evaluated using specific criteria and we keep them constantly updated and trained. Their love for children, education, ethics, knowledge and experience are the main criteria used in their selection. Their purpose is to be with the children and to help them enjoy new experiences and develop their personalities in a safe and friendly environment.

Leader – Counselor – Group Leader: 3 key words… They work together perfectly in order to ensure that children have a pleasant stay at camp.

Leader: Is the camp brain. In charge of maintaining the camp schedule: organising, guiding, supervising….

Counselor: Is the heart of the camp: Coordinates and cooperates creatively with the team leaders and the children of his group. His relationship with the children should be friendly but disciplined.

Group leader: Is the soul of camp. Respects and carries out the instructions of the senior staff. Lives with the children in the chalets. Stands by them, helps them make new friends, monitors and ensures they take part in the various activities and events. Gives a daily report to the counselor concerning his team.