My child is going to camp for the first time. How do you advise me to deal with it?

The first time a child goes to camp is probably the first time they will be without their parents and this is sometimes difficult for the children as well as the parents.
The child is ready to go to camp when his parents are ready to part with him. So at the moment of parting, keep a firm stance and hide any anxiety you may have.
The first days at camp are days of adjustment and frequent communication will not help the child adjust to camp life but instead will distract him from the camp program. No matter how good a child is having a good time, it is very likely that listening to you, they will become upset and homesick. Give your child the time he needs, and encourage him to make new friends, follow the camp schedule and, for any problem he faces, inform the camp officials.
It is certain that if you trust and cooperate with the human resources of the camp, our little friends will leave full of beautiful feelings and memories that they will remember for a lifetime!