My child is going to camp for the first time. How do you advise me to deal with it?

The first time children go away to camp may be the first time they stay somewhere overnight away from their parents for a number of days and that can be hard, both on the children and on the parents.

Before camp starts, it’s a good idea to have a discussion with your child and maybe to visit our facilities, so that you can get to know both the grounds and our people. Children should be made aware of the activities they will take part in at camp and also be aware that there will be certain duties to take on, including, for example, taking care of themselves, of their things etc.
Children are ready to go to camp, when their parents are ready to let them go. So at the moment of departure, adopt a steady stance and hide your own worries.

The first days are those in which children adapt to life at camp and, as hard as it may be, everyday long visits and long phone calls will not help your child do so, on the contrary they cause disorientation and confusion. Your child may be having a great time, but when it hears you, it will feel sad and homesick. Give your child the time it needs; encourage it to make new friends; to follow the camp schedule; and whenever there’s a problem, to let the camp staff know about it.

One thing is certain, if, as a parent, you place your trust in camp staff and cooperate with them, at the end of camp our young friends won’t want to leave!