The first time children go away to camp may be the first time they stay somewhere overnight away from their parents for a number of days and that can be hard, both on the children and on the parents.

Before camp starts, it’s a good idea to have a discussion with your child and maybe to visit our facilities, so that you can get to know both the grounds and our people. Children should be made aware of the activities they will take part in at camp and also be aware that there will be certain duties to take on, including, for example, taking care of themselves, of their things etc.
Children are ready to go to camp, when their parents are ready to let them go. So at the moment of departure, adopt a steady stance and hide your own worries.

The first days are those in which children adapt to life at camp and, as hard as it may be, everyday long visits and long phone calls will not help your child do so, on the contrary they cause disorientation and confusion. Your child may be having a great time, but when it hears you, it will feel sad and homesick. Give your child the time it needs; encourage it to make new friends; to follow the camp schedule; and whenever there’s a problem, to let the camp staff know about it.

One thing is certain, if, as a parent, you place your trust in camp staff and cooperate with them, at the end of camp our young friends won’t want to leave!

From 6 to 16 years old.

We have 46 years of experience and a unique camp location, in the midst of greenery yet next to the sea: these make us stand out. We’re not yet another camp… We’re an institution!!!

The camp has round the clock guards, who discreetly observe the children. There’s also a fence that surrounds the camp. Nobody is allowed in or out without undergoing an inspection.

The camp is right in front of the sea. Access is through an overpass that links the camp with the beach. Children go for a swim every morning and if the temperature is running particularly high, they go again in the afternoon.

At camp we offer swimming classes every day. Experienced coaches teach children in the pools and there’s always supervision by lifeguards and appropriate aids (e.g. boards, inflatable arm bands etc.). Despite this it is good to keep the camp informed. Daily swims in the sea and water games are all done in a supervised space and under the supervision of staff members (lifeguards, counselors, group leaders).

Our camp has a modern infirmary and a fully-equipped pharmacy that is open around the clock, staffed by an experienced pediatrician and two graduate nurses. In order to fully inform the camp about your children’s health, please fill out the special form you will find here. Our medical personnel will ensure that your children take their medicine, according to the instructions provided by your physician. For preventive reasons all medication the children have with them on arrival is immediately handed over to the infirmary.

Our camp has no liability concerning health problems for which it has not received the relevant written report from the parent.

Most definitely. Our menu is specific, but if we are informed in a timely fashion we will do our best to meet your requirements, as we already have done, many times in the past.

We separate children into cabins depending on their gender, their age and, of course, we try to keep groups together of friends or siblings who don’t differ a lot in age. We try to be quite strict where age is concerned as our extensive experience has shown that children have specific interests at each age. If certain children wish to lodge together in the same chalet, they have to mention this to the counselor in charge at the time of their arrival. You don’t have to let the camp office know ahead of time.

There are specific controlled internet connection points at camp. Despite this, one major benefit to campers is that they manage to get away from technology, computers, the internet, TV and mobile phones, for a while, as these things form a very large and all-encompassing part of their everyday reality. Their use on camp grounds is at the exclusive personal liability of the parents and the camp is not liable for any loss that may occur.

Children are only allowed to exit the camp / spend a night away from the camp / depart from the camp with their parents and only during visiting hours (click here to find out more) except under exceptional circumstances. If the child has to exit the camp / spend a night away from the camp / depart the camp with a third party, the parents must supply that individual with a signed certified “responsible declaration) in accordance with law Ν.1599/1986 (click here).

Whoever arrives to pick a child, who is not their own offspring, must also fill out and sign a responsible declaration in accordance with L. 1599/1986 that they are picking up a child / children and the liability is the parents’ and theirs. Whatever the case, ID must be displayed!!!

If a guardian has been designated or there is a special regime concerning the child’s custody, this must be made known to our office, along with the corresponding legal documents. If this hasn’t been made known, the camp bears no responsibility.