Children between the ages of 6 and 16 have the right to participate in the camp.

Our many years of experience and the unique location of the camp, which combines mountain and sea, are the most ideal environment for your children’s holidays.

The first time a child goes to camp is probably the first time they will be without their parents and this is sometimes difficult for the children as well as the parents.
The child is ready to go to camp when his parents are ready to part with him. So at the moment of parting, keep a firm stance and hide any anxiety you may have.
The first days at camp are days of adjustment and frequent communication will not help the child adjust to camp life but instead will distract him from the camp program. No matter how good a child is having a good time, it is very likely that listening to you, they will become upset and homesick. Give your child the time he needs, and encourage him to make new friends, follow the camp schedule and, for any problem he faces, inform the camp officials.
It is certain that if you trust and cooperate with the human resources of the camp, our little friends will leave full of beautiful feelings and memories that they will remember for a lifetime!

There is 24-hour security at the camp and no one is allowed to enter or leave without the prescribed control.

The camp is located in front of the blue-green sea of Metamorfosi. Access is via the flyover that connects the camp to the beach. The children go swimming every day unless the weather conditions do not allow it.

The camp must be aware in case the child does not know how to swim. In the camp, swimming lessons are held daily in the pools by experienced coaches and always under the supervision of lifeguards, with the appropriate aids (e.g. boards, arms). Daily swimming in the sea and all water games take place in a controlled area and under the supervision of executives (lifeguards, deputy captains, team leaders).

The camp has a state-of-the-art clinic with a fully equipped pharmacy that operates 24 hours a day, staffed by an experienced doctor and two qualified nurses. In order to fully inform the camp about your child’s health, a Health Report (you will find it here) signed by the doctor and the parent/guardian must be sent. The children must hand over any medicines they have with them to the doctor’s office upon their arrival at the camp. Our medical staff ensures that the child takes his medication according to your doctor’s instructions. The camp bears no responsibility for an incident that may be caused by insufficient information regarding the child’s medical history.

See our menu here and inform us in time about your child’s eating habits. As long as it is possible we will do everything we can to serve you.

Children enter the houses based on gender, age and of course their company. We try to strictly adhere to the age criterion as with our many years of experience we judge that each age has its own interests. In the event that some children wish to enter the same house, they must report this to the person in charge at the time of arrival. It is not necessary to notify the camp office in advance.

It is important for campers to escape even for a while from the use of technology that is a large part of their daily life. The use of electronic devices in the camp area is solely the personal responsibility of the parents and the camp bears no responsibility in case of their loss.

For the safe operation of the camp:

  • Children can only be picked up by parents with proof of ID.
  • In case of departure with a third person (e.g. friend, relative), the parents / guardians should provide an authorization / declaration of responsibility law Ν.1599/1986 (click here) the original signature, stating their name and ID number.
  • Camper exit permits are not permitted. 
  • In the event that a special regime applies regarding the custody of the child, it should be notified when reserving a place in the camp by sending the relevant official documents. Otherwise, the camp bears no responsibility.