Covid-19 measures for safe entrance

The health and safety of our campers and staff always remains our top priority. Both Campers and Staff should be free of Covid-19 symptoms when entering the Camp. (fever, cough, runny nose, sore throat, headache, fatigue, chest pain, difficulty breathing, loss of taste or smell)

  • The staff working in the camp should be informed and aware of the camp’s safety and hygiene rules listed on our website. Also, all employees should be completely healthy for them to be able to work in the camp.
  • Campers’ parents / guardians must ensure that their child is perfectly healthy when entering the camp.

 Covid-19 Testing / Necessary requirements

All Campers / Staff personnel  will be required to show the below to enter the Camp:

  1. Health Questionnaire: The symptom questionnaire concerns the past 10 days before the arrival of the child / staff member at the camp, therefore it should be completed on the day of arrival and not earlier!  You can download it here,  &

  2. Proof of negative COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Diagnostic test (official printed document), carried out by an official diagnostic centre or a government health facility 24-48 before arrival at camp.