Camp Rules

Kalivas camp, for 45 years now, has been operating with a sense of responsibility and honesty, having as its main concern the preservation of the health and dignity of all.

The safety and health of our campers and staff always remains our top priority. Therefore, we adapt our operation to the new conditions of all of our lives in an optimal way. In more detail, see the operating regulations below:

1. Registration of campers

Check out our 15 day camp sessions and reserve a place in the desired period. Only parents / guardians and NOT third parties (e.g. friends, relatives) can reserve a place through our website:

  • by filling out the camper registration form you will find here. With the successful submission, a copy of the completed form will be sent to the Email submitted. 

Children aged 6 to 16 have the right to participate in the camp.

Upon confirmation of the reservation and before the child’s arrival at the camp, parents / guardians will be requested to send the necessary documents for camp.

2. Campers’ arrival and departure procedures

  • The arrival and departure process of the campers will take place at a scheduled time frame of which the parents will have been informed a few days in advance.
  • Children must be accompanied by one parent/guardian at the drop-off location to avoid overcrowding (buses or camp entrance).
  • Parents / Guardians are not allowed to enter the camp areas.

Arrival in a private car

  • In order to avoid overcrowding, we are going to provide blocks of time in which you can select to drop off (arrival) or collect your child (departure).
  • From the arrival point, the campers will be accompanied to their dormitories by members of our staff. Entry of Parents / Guardians within the camp is not allowed.

3. Visiting hours for parents and exit permits

For the safe operation of the camp

  • Parents and visitors are not allowed to enter the camp. Parents can only see their children at the entrance area, keeping the necessary distance.
  • It is strictly forbidden to bring sweets and food to children that can deteriorate and become dangerous for their health.
  • During quiet hours (14:30 to 17:00), visits are strictly prohibited.
  • Proof of identity is necessary for a child’s exit from the camp.
  • In case the camper departs accompanied by a third party: The parents must provide an authorization / a declaration statement with authenticated signature to the third party, stating the person’s name and ID number, so that this document can be handed in to the camp. * For the authentication of the signature, it is no longer necessary to visit the Citizens’ Service Centres (KEP), you can also do it electronically at the following link:

4. Contacting the camper via phone

Parents can communicate with our young campers by calling the secretary’s office at the camp.

Contact Hours: 10:00 to 11:00, 12:00 – 13:00 and 17:30 – 20:00. The campers can also use the camp’s cardphones to communicate with parents.


  • The use of a mobile phone in the camp area is the sole responsibility of the campers themselves and the camp bears no responsibility in case of loss or damage to the device.

5. Camp life 

The organization of camp life is adjusted according to the instructions of the Hellenic Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs with a focus on the creation of smaller, practical group sizes of campers and staff throughout each session regarding daily life as well as sports and leisure activities.

6. Campers’ dormitories

  • Each of the children’s dormitories has a total surface area of about 35 sq.m. and specially designed to comply with all sanitation regulations and allow their continuous and complete natural ventilation.
  • The required distance between the beds is observed and a “head to toe” sleeping pattern is implemented.

7. Dining room

The dining area is open – al fresco – and allows continuous and natural ventilation.

  • All the necessary hygiene measures are observed in the dining area.
  • To avoid overcrowding, the tables and chairs in the dining area will be spaced out, by leaving vacant seats, and spacing the children accordingly around the tables.

8. Basic hygiene rules

  • The children’s personal hygiene and bathing is done daily based on a schedule per group.
  • Frequent ventilation of the premises and especially of the living areas.
  • Antiseptic devices have been installed in various parts of the camp as well as additional soap dispensers.
  • Dormitories are cleaned daily by the team leaders.
  • The common hygiene areas, i.e. toilets and showers, are thoroughly cleaned at regular intervals by the cleaning staff of the camp.
  • Posters have been put up in visible and frequently visited places with the necessary information to remind and further raise awareness to staff and campers of the implementation of personal hygiene measures and prevention of transmission of the new coronavirus (hand hygiene, respiratory hygiene, social distancing etc).
  • The camp is disinfected between the camping sessions by a specialized cleaning crew.

9. Storage of items

  • The camp has a special storage area for valuables (money, mobile phones, etc.). In case campers do not hand in these items, the camp bears no responsibility for any damage or loss.
  • It is recommended that campers should not bring objects of great value to the camp.

10. Inappropriate behaviour

  • Any failure by the camper to adhere to the rules of the camp, may result in his/her participation at the camp being terminated forthwith without any refund and in such event the camper may be sent home at his/her expense. The camp reserves the right to withdraw the camper from any activity at any time on the grounds of safety or unsuitability.
  • Smoking, Alcohol and Drugs: Possession and consumption of alcohol, tobacco or drugs by the campers at the camp are NOT PERMITTED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. Please note that if the camper does not adhere to this condition, he/she will be removed from camp.

11. Staff members

  • The staff of the camp must faithfully follow the schedule and the rules of operation of the camp approved by the Regional Unit of Chalkidiki, as this is implemented by the leader of the camp.
  • Counselors and Staff do not leave camp on days or nights off.
    Camp reserves the right to terminate the employment of a staff member who does not comply with the rules of operation of the camp.

12. Health care

There is a Health Center on site, headed by an experienced pediatrician and three nurses, who are available on site, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In the event of a medical emergency we are only a 30 minute drive away from the fully equipped Hospital of Polygyros and only a 20 minute drive away from the Health Centre of Agios Nikolaos.

  • If the camp’s doctor deems necessary the temporary or permanent removal of the child from the camp, then the parents are required to respect this decision and follow all the necessary instructions.
  • If the camp’s doctor deems necessary to transfer the child to a medical facility so that they can be provided with additional medical care, the transportation is carried out in cooperation with the parent / guardian of the child.

*For parents

  • The children will be required to hand over any medications they have with them to the Health Centre upon their arrival at the camp.
  • So that the camp is fully informed about the child’s health, a Personal Health Form (signed by both a Physician and the Parent / Guardian) must be sent to the camp prior to camper’s arrival.
  • It is strictly forbidden for parents/guardians to supply their children with sweets and food outside the regular meal provisions of the program.

13. Suspected case of COVID-19

We will follow the advice and direction of the Hellenic Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs when establishing and implementing safety protocols.

14. Information and education

  •  The staff working in the camp should be informed and aware of the safety and hygiene rules listed above and on our website. Also, all employees should be completely healthy for them to be able to work in the camp.
  • Campers’ parents / guardians must ensure that their child is perfectly healthy when entering the camp.

15. Privacy policy

The processing of your Personal Data (PD) and those of your underage child, is carried out according to the Privacy Policy of our company that is posted on our website as well as the Information and Consent formwhich you will be required to complete and sign before the child’s arrival at camp.